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EMMA ROGUE is an entrepreneur and creative based in NYC who owns and operates New York City's fastest growing, viral Gen-Z media platform and experiential vintage shop Rogue.


She started her business selling clothes on Depop in 2018 and, after leveraging the power of TikTok, has amassed a cult-like following which gave her the push to open her first NYC brick and mortar location in June 2021. Less than a year later, the store was described by the New York Times as, “one of the most consequential and unpredictable new retail adventures in New York.”


More than a vintage store, Rogue is a hub for community and creatives in New York, with some of the biggest names in the city regularly visiting the shop. With accessibility, sustainability, and passion as her core pillars, Emma is disrupting the traditional fashion landscape with her unique point of view. Rogue has grown tremendously and now reaches tens of millions of viewers monthly.


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